What's the point of having value if the recipient of the value, whether human or organization, cannot perceive it?

When purpose is not known, abuse is imminent.

The same thing applies to value.

Nothing exists for no reason.

The Quadruple elements of human driven value are:

1. To solve problems

KNOWLEDGE is what you KNOW that gives you the EDGE.

How much exactly do you need as capital for your start-up?

What specific measurable value will you add to our business should we hire you?

Why should we hire you and not the other candidate?

Why should I accept your…


A thought leader is anybody whose views are considered to be respected, influential, tested and trusted, authoritative, and most importantly, original.

If anybody positions their self as a thought leader, then their views must pass this litmus test which I call the RITA-O(™️) test. …

Image Credit: warrington.ufl.edu

What is the big idea of your life?

The term “Big Idea” is perhaps one of the most used words in the marketing communications industry — Advertising to be precise.

According to Milward Brown, The Big Idea is the driving, unifying force behind a brand’s marketing efforts.

Underscoring the importance…

Anthony Onyemauwa

The World’s №1 Value Explosion Expert committed to helping Individuals, Start-ups, & Businesses renegotiate their place in the world. Author. Entrepreneur.

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